Large exhibition section dedicated to national and international galleries. The Main Section includes the most established galleries present in both the modern and contemporary art sectors.

Roma Arte in Nuvola - Main


The art scene is increasingly global and national differences tend to fade. The same artists are promoted by both Italian and foreign galleries. The Vis-à-vis section was created with the specific aim of presenting new emerging synergies that entwine the art world. Galleries that have one or more artists in common can share a stand.

Roma Arte in Nuvola - VisaVis


A fair may not be the ideal place to present a young or new artist. A stand focusing on a single project developed by one artist is a more effective and convincing strategy.

Roma Arte in Nuvola - Soloshow


A preferential section reserved for those contemporary art galleries best recognized for a focus on research, innovation, and the cutting edge. This section will display younger artists, who most often are those producing the most interesting innovations.

Roma Arte in Nuvola - Research


This section is dedicated to the emerging art of tomorrow, radically experimental, where new expressive languages are modeled alongside those of the new media.

Roma Arte in Nuvola - Newentries